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"Our mission remains the same from day one:
to help families and friends, customers and visitors better understand and embrace the great American fishing, hunting and outdoor traditions and firearms culture, engage in such positive activities, learn about safety, and love and protect mother nature."

The NJAFHO was first established to help the local communities understand more and better about the great American fishing, hunting and outdoor culture and firearm safety. Ignorance and carelessness are the main reasons of accidents, NJAFHO aimed to help change the mentality and mindset of many.

NJAFHO organized outdoor events including hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and firearm safety sessions for educational purpose and fun. Participants were amazed to be introduced to a new world full of safety, fun and excitement without smart phones or games and totally different from their usual leisure activities. They developed love of nature and outdoor life, and became more familiar with legal requirements of firearm ownership and more comfortable with safely handling one.  In the end, ignorance and carelessness and the cause of accident and we help people get rid of these risks. 

NJAFHO also promoted hunting and fishing activities and helped people understand that hunters and controlled hunting programs are the means to protect wildlife and maintain "man-in-the-loop" re-balance of the ecosystem. Hunters love mother nature and thank her for the giving. Responsible hunting obeying all season, firearm, ammo and bag limit requirements are is a healthy way to maintain the natural balance.  

The original NJAFHO logo features a shield, guarding wall, hunting rifle, fishing rod, and a bow. Later NJAFHO was absorbed into Double Eagle Estate, and Outdoor. Our new logo features two American eagles backing each other, watching for each other and holding a shield of protection. The simplified shield is the reminiscence of the original logo. The overall shape is a triangle with two Vs (victories) making a W (Win).