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The House

The 20,000 square feet house is gigantic with 7 spacious bedrooms, a large sleep bag area, formal dining room, three car garage and outside parking  lot, full kitchen, more than enough bathrooms, heated indoor swimming pool, indoor multi function gym (basketball, volleyball). It is the ideal place for a large group of family and friends to enjoy a weekend getaway, gathering, meeting, party, or other events. 

We are on airbnb. Click their logo to the booking page!

The Range

Our families and friends enjoy the outdoor shooting! The estate has private pistol, shotgun and rifle ranges and NRA certified instructors to ensure safe and enjoyable experience. Currently we are renovating the ranges to make them more modern, weather proof and easy to access. New 3 gun challenging courses will also be waiting for you to enjoy and conquer. 


We are preparing for the launch. Click the membership card below to reserve and secure your membership today! 

The Woods

Possible activities in the woods are limited only by your imagination. Camp here, enjoy horseback riding or ATV ride through the trails. Bring your Jeep wranglers and drive up the top of the hill, climb our steep hill slopes. Gather the mushrooms, watch the birds, hunt (with proper licencing and written consent) the deer and the bear. Carry out an outdoor survival course here. Teach the kids how to find shelter, food and make primitive tools. Paintball and air soft wars are so much more real than games. Come out and play!